Mastering Service

Mastering is the step required to enhance a mixed track into a final master, ready to be released on the market.

We examine your track(s), correct residual mix problems, run it through our analog processors and set the required amount of loudness to make it compatible with commercial releases.

Our hybrid setup (analog and digital) allow us to get the best out of both worlds, achieving a wide, crisp, yet powerful sound.

Single Track Mastering: 60 EUR

Two Tracks Mastering: 100 EUR

If you are interested in promo packages for Record Labels, please contact us via email, we will make sure to get you our best deal.


  • Remove compression, equalisation, limiting and any other plugins from your master bus
  • Leave at least 6dBs of headroom, if necessary pull down your master fader
  • Export your mix as a .WAV or .AIF file, using the same sample and bit rate as the session you’re exporting from
  • Remove any clicks or cuts in the start and end points of the track; best would be to leave 1 sec silence before the song starts and after it ends
  • Communicate us any specific requirements you might have for your track(s) as we know each artists has their own vision and we love to respect that
  • (Optional) Include one or two reference tracks in a similar style to yours, this will help us to deliver the best sound possible, according to your taste/needs
  • Send it via or to our email address:
  • Within 4 business days (1-2 business days as Rush Service) you’ll receive your mastered file

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